Stories From The Field: Nutrition

Update from the Buwala Orphanage!

A quick note from Paul, the director of the Buwala Orphanage in Jinja, Kenya.  DIG established the Buwala Orphanage Garden in 2009.   …Now about the home, the kids are very fine, and they are soon leaving for their holiday in the beginning of December.With the Garden, we had a lot of rainfall!  We have been enjoying our greens very well, but due to the heavy rains, the crops are being harvested quite quickly due to the rapid growth.    As

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DIG ‘Garden TV’ in Kenya

By Catherine Magill, DIG Program Coordinator When you go on safari in Africa, and you’re relaxing on the porch of your tent watching the hippos and crocodiles in the river or the zebra and gazelles on the plain in front of you, your safari hosts will jokingly say that you are watching ‘Bush TV’. For those without access to safaris, DIG is undertaking to launch a new channel called ‘Garden TV’. Last week at Crossroads Springs Institute, a primary school

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