A Milestone to Celebrate ~ DIG Reaches 50% of all Batwa in Uganda

Building trust, confidence, and hope is key to our program’s success; and no where is that more important than with the culturally displaced Batwa of southwest Uganda. DIG has made a long-term commitment to this uniquely marginalized community. The Batwa have experienced terrible poverty and poor health since their eviction from their ancestral lands in the early 1990s. (Read more about DIG’s work with the Batwa here.) After four years of engagement, DIG is celebrating having reached half the Batwa

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“My chicks feed my farm, my farm feeds my family.” Hatching a Farm Business in Western Kenya

Lona Abok, a 53-year old grandmother from western Kenya, had exclusively planted maize and beans to feed her family and never gave much attention to growing vegetables. To help her daughter realize her dream of going to college, Lona has been supporting her five grandchildren. After hearing about the DIG program, and the opportunity to earn extra income, Lona got involved. She planted a small vegetable garden near her home, and graduated from DIG’s Farmer Field School program equipped with

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