Stories From The Field: Recipes

The Cocktails & Castoffs Cookzine

DIG loves to tell the story of our work through food, after all, if we are going to get excited about doing hard things, let’s find ways to experience pleasure in the work. Below is a copy of DIG’s Cocktails and Castoffs Cookzine Issue 3. With a suggested donation of $50 or more, you may request a hard copy mailed to you. For a $250 donation you may request all 3 unique copies. Email for more information. Cookzine Issue

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No-Waste Turkey Bone Broth

Used as a healing soup for thousands of years, bone broth is an easy way to savor the flavors of your Thanksgiving table while promoting a healthy immune system during the height of cold and flu season.

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A Better World is Rooted in Food

What if we treated food as a human right instead of a product of the market? This 2 min short shares the commitment DIG holds to practicing community centered design and implementing climate-smart agroecology to address some of the world's biggest challenges.

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