Growing a Pathway to Market in Kenya

DIGs adaptive programs meet farmers where they are. Listen to Rose Odoyo's story of how DIG helped her develop an organic vegetable business that would not only provide her with a steady income, but would enable her to feed her family and the broader community.

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Serving the Most Vulnerable in Uganda

DIG prioritizes uniquely vulnerable populations that are often left out of other development opportunities. The Batwa, and People Living with Disability in Uganda are some of the most vulnerable groups we serve. See how we've adapted our program to restore health, wealth, and a sense of belonging.

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Back to our Roots in Senegal

DIG's first seeds were sown in Senegal over a decade ago. Now, we're back, and we've seen those first seeds grow into leaders, businesses, and thriving communities. Learn how DIG continues to adapt the program to serve some of the world's most uniquely vulnerable people. See how they are not only finding household resilience but are contributing to their broader communities as well.

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