Stories From The Field: Videos

Back to our Roots in Senegal

DIG's first seeds were sown in Senegal over a decade ago. Now, we're back, and we've seen those first seeds grow into leaders, businesses, and thriving communities. Learn how DIG continues to adapt the program to serve some of the world's most uniquely vulnerable people. See how they are not only finding household resilience but are contributing to their broader communities as well.

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The Case for DIG

Sarah Koch, DIG’s founder and Executive Director was a featured 2019 social entrepreneur in Santa Clara University’s GSBI program. Watch her make the case for DIG at GSBI’s Investor Showcase.

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A DIG Film

Travel with DIG to Western Kenya and see the power a single garden can have to transform the world. Film Credits to Bob Miller with sponsorship from the Simon Cyrene Foundation

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