Greg Bogdan’s Memorial Garden in Sapla Kenya

In the countries where we work, you’re more likely to hear about the DIG program from our graduated farmers than through fancy signs or posted advertisements. Our local reputation is critically important to the success of our work, which is designed to be approachable and community driven. Some of our most successful garden groups have joined DIG through friend recommendations, and that’s just what happened in Sapla Kenya. Lorna, the sister to one of our graduated farmers, was so interested

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Greg Bogdan’s Mkungu Memorial Garden, Uganda

Thank you to Greg Bogdan for encouraging DIG to grow and showing us that challenging efforts aren't to be shied away from, rather these are efforts we can work out together. Equally, thank you to the incredible community who loved and cherished Greg and who personally donated to DIG in his memory. May this garden and the gift of his presence in our lives continue to root and grow in us.

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