Hannington and Diana

Hannington and Diana

At 31 months old, Hannington was diagnosed with severe malnutrition. Her swollen limbs led her 24 year old mother, Diana Awino, to take her to Marinid Hospital. There she was diagnosed with oedema, a severe form of malnutrition that is caused by a lack of protein and other essential vitamins and minerals in the diet. When caught and treated early, a child can recover with few if any long-term impacts and that’s the outcome DIG is aiming for.

In partnership with Marindi Hospital, DIG worked with Diana to develop a vegetable garden and small farm business to resolve the root barriers to a healthy diet for Hannington.

Monica, one of DIG’s Mentor Mothers, spent significant time with Diana supporting her in her farm and providing her with a nutritional education tailored to Hannington’s challenges.

In December 2020, almost one year after entering the DIG program, Hannington had reliably recovered. Using a MUAC (mid-upper arm circumference) measurement, Hannington had increased from 114 mm, a level that highly elevates her risk of death, to 124 mm, which is comfortably out of risk.

Today, Hannington is playful and engaged, and Diana is diligently cultivating her garden not only for Hannington’s sake, but for her whole family’s.