Volunteering in Kafue

By: Damian, a DIG volunteer who has been in Kafue for the last 6 months with his wife, Ali.

Kafue District Hospital Garden

Kafue’s DIG project has been hard work with great rewards. We have met (and hopefully empowered) wonderful people who genuinely seem to enjoy the work and camaraderie. Four main gardens have been established at the local medical clinics with satellite home gardens spreading from each of these. I believe that a solid core group of women have really mastered the gardening and nutrition techniques they’ve been taught and will truly benefit from this enhancement in their well being and diet in the long run.  

Patricia, Rona and other Railway Clinic Garden Members

Ali and myself, have had a really great impact in Kasengale and ZC compound with new home gardens since Catherine left.  Patricia and Rona (a few of Railway Clinic’s charter members who several of you have met) have been fantastic and I really believe have applied the knowledge and skills Catherine and ourselves have taught and run with it. Both are motivated individuals who are now going out into their community and making a difference.     

Dayness (far left) and Nagongwe Nutrition Group

Nangongwe Clinic, which has been our biggest challenge in regards to attendance  and motivation with the garden, has been greatly assisted by Dyness (one of the most colorful and entertaining women in Zambia) as our group cheerleader! It is hard not to be excited about work with Dyness pumping you up.  She is in charge of the nutrition program at the clinic and has been instrumental in our cooking demonstrations and nutrition classes for underweight under 5’s. 

Damian and Ali at Victoria Falls

On a personal note, Ali and I have learned a great deal about ourselves individually and as a couple. Our time here in Zambia has been eye opening and we have truly enjoyed ourselves. We have had the opportunity to make lifelong friends, travel and experience this beautiful country, and get a little dirty and DIG!

Ali and I are returning to Ft. Collins, Colorado December 7th and will both be returning to school. Ali is pursuing a second bachelor’s in Graphic Design and I am returning for a Master’s degree in Beverage Business Management (i.e. I will be a Master Brewer brewing the world’s best beverage; Beer!). We are really excited to return home but the leaving is bittersweet.    I hope things are going great for you and look forward to speaking with you soon!