Growing Opportunities-Co Founder Steve Bolinger is Moving on From DIG

Tanzania Karama Orphanage Garden

Everything in life has an ending, which in turn creates new beginnings full of new opportunities for growth.  When DIG was co-founded by Sarah and myself I knew with absolute truth this was what I was suppose to do with my life at that particular time.  I also knew it would not be permanent and there were other challenges in life on my “bucket list”.  With much thought I have decided to move onto the next stage in my life which involves taking a step back from DIG and going back to school for Environmental Science Management.  This opportunity will give me a chance to study something that I have truly been interested in and at the same time give me a chance to be in one place and closer to family and friends.  


Fann Garden in Dakar, Senegal

DIG has been such an incredible gift to me and I have learned so much on this wonderful journey.  You have all stepped up to the plate and helped transform this simple idea into a reality.  Your unconditional generosity has helped thousands of people. Your trust and belief in Sarah and I to put your gifts to work has been a true honor.  I have been humbled by this entire experience and thoroughly impressed how a community of people can make such a difference in the world.    DIG’s foundation is the strongest it has ever been with wonderful leadership, fresh recruits, new ideas and projects that will keep it prospering into the future.  I am truly excited for what lies ahead for DIG and will continue to be on the sidelines helping when I can. DIG was always a gift to be passed on to others, now is that time.  Thank you for all the wonderful friendships and moments that you have given me over the years.

Steve Bolinger

After a long day of work in Arusha, Tanzania
Visiting Fatsey’s HUG garden in Senegal
Steve with the Fann gardeners in Dakar, Senegal
Alan Stone Clinic Garden in Uganda
Laura and Jenna Bush visit DIG’s CTA garden in Dakar, Senegal
First plantings with DIG’s Budono Garden Group in Uganda
Turning over beds in DIG’s Ziguinchor Garden in Senegal
Breaking ground on the first DIG garden at the Hospital Fann in Dakar, Senegal