DIG’s Growing Community of Support

DIG has seen an amazing influx of committed, available, and qualified individuals join our thriving garden community. Get to know a few of them below:

Jamie Hamblin

Jamie Hamblin is helping craft the content and design of our nutrition manual. She is finishing her masters in Nutrition from Georgia State University. Jamie, will be joining DIG on site in Zambia  this summer to evaluate the effectiveness of DIG’s nutrition resources. – If you would like to support DIG’s effort to bring Jamie to Zambia please respond with your ideas and interest to sarah@reaplifeDIG.org

Cary Norton Photograph from TASO-DIG site in Uganda

Cary Norton has become the lead photographer for our garden and nutrition manuals. He is currently capturing images for use in these documents as well as researching and testing what is the most effective way to express ideas through photographs that will be translatable to illiterate and undereducated communities. Cary has worked with DIG before in Uganda and many of his photographs from that trip can be found throughout DIG’s website and print materials. To view Cary’s extended work visit his websites here: http://carynorton.com/

Sally Dover

Sally Dover was a former DIG intern who spent three months working with us in Kenya. Sally, a Master in Public Health student at UAB in Birmingham, has been hired part time to act as DIG’s Program Development Specialist. Kelly Fisher Kelly is joining the DIG manual development team as our page designer and implementer. Her experience in the magazine world has helped us craft a clear and focused vision for these materials and Kelly’s ability to build the pages clearly and effectively has been a crucial addition to this project. 

Noah Derman


Noah Derman Noah has been hired as DIG’s Deputy Director and works with Sarah Koch in Atlanta, GA. Noah’s experience in the developing world, the global public health sector, and non profit growth and management positions make him an excellent addition to the DIG family.    Sarah Sahlaney   Sarah comes to us from Georgetown University with a wonderful background in community development in the developing world. Sarah will be with DIG in Zambia through the summer, assisting Catherine in all Zambia projects. Sarah’s work will be split between the physical gardens themselves as well as the larger community development and long term sustainability planning for those sites. You can read more from Sarah through her Blog at: http://sarahinzambia.tumblr.com/

Damian & Ali

Damian Schlereth and Ali Barnes   After Damian and Ali’s March 2011 wedding, they will be embarking on a journey together in service to DIG for one year in Zambia. Their planned commitment will be of incredible value to DIG’s long term strategic planning in the Zambia sites and we are excited to see this couple help grow and strengthen our efforts while doing the same for themselves and their marriage. If you’d like to see how you can help support Damian and Ali and their volunteer service to DIG check out their wedding registry here: http://www.ewedding.com/sites/BarnesSchlerethWedding/