Emily Achieng’s Ode to DIG

Rarely is DIG a muse for poetry but apparently something about our project sparked Emily’s creative juices! We also want to thank Mr. Tobias for capturing her poem and emailing it to us so that we can share it with all of you!

After you read this poem, if you want to read more about Emily’s story click here.  

DIG by Emily Achieng
Who will help me DIG?
In reality, everything is in DIG. 
Open your eyes and see!
the riches
proper nutrition
a healthy environment
a ready market for my produce
saving money for future use
And also proper planning for what I want to do. 
Above all every day is a surprise! 
A new thing to learn.
DIG! My heart, my soul, and life.
I want to reap the best in life. 
I want to DIG with all my strength. 
If I can DIG, 
why don’t you DIG? 

For us to have a richer, healthier, and stronger nation. Let us DIG and make the world a better place than we found it.I am a DIG ambassador. Keeping in mind that in order to succeed in life I must have knowledge, attitude, and then practice what I have learned, and I will win in the race.I urge my fellows all over the world to be the winners but not losers.Thanks for the free knowledge you gave us. We really appreciate!  

Emily Achieng and Baby DIG