A Reflection on DIG’s 2023 Kenya Field Trip

This May, DIG welcomed 10 guests to Kenya for our first Field Trip since 2019. DIG’s Kenya team embraced us with open arms and took time to teach us some of what they do.

Read about the experience from one of our trip participants, Dana Clarkson.

“What a beautiful trip! To learn and see, first hand, the phenomenal impact the DIG organization is having in so many people’s lives was incredible!

Before this trip, I did not understand the magnitude the DIG program was having on entire communities, much like the seeds that are produced by every garden DIG helps establish.

Spending time with, and getting to know the Kenya DIG facilitators, was a humbling and heartwarming experience.  With each of their stories it was clear that, beyond the transformation the DIG opportunity has had on their own lives, seeing how the knowledge that they share will have a positive impact on such a profound amount of lives over time has given each of them extremely valuable purpose. It is apparent that the tireless efforts the facilitators make and knowledge they share with the farmers is at the heart of DIGs success.

Each of the farmers that I had the pleasure of visiting with just glowed as they explained how the DIG facilitators and programs have completely changed their health, their lives, the well-being of their family’s as well as that of all of their extended family and neighbors.  It was extraordinary to see so many community members show-up to each of the farms that we visited, genuinely enthusiastic to learn these ‘new’ invaluable skills. It became very clear how the hard work put into each farmer continues to propagate at an exponential rate.

To experience the Maasai Mara Conservancy was also absolutely incredible! I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with so many warm, fun people and being out seeing so much wildlife thriving in its natural surroundings was breathtaking.  To learn the value the Naboisho Conservancy places on protecting the wildlife and preserving the Maasai’s land while creating opportunities for them to develop a more sustainable balanced lifestyle, added to the richness of the experience.  To support an organization that is protecting those most valuable, in their natural state, and helping all of them to thrive, I felt aligned perfectly with DIG’s values and goals.

Thanks again, it was a trip of a lifetime.”

~ Dana Clarkson

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