DIG’s Priority Household Program targets families with children under age five who have been medically diagnosed as malnourished.

When diagnosed, the children are immediately provided with three months of emergency food supplements. At the same time the families are prescribed the DIG program. They are paired with a DIG Mentor Mother who works closely with the family and the hospital nutritionist to design a garden and teach the necessary skills in agriculture, nutrition, and cooking to best meet the child’s needs.

Working together, we address the root cause of the malnutrition so the children recover and don’t find themselves vulnerable again.

96% of the DIG’s priority household cases fully recover from their malnutrition by the end of the program. 



‘Now my children love to eat spinach, sometimes I mix it with Moringa leaves for additional nutrients. There are times now when Maureen only wants vegetables. My engagement with DIG has caused me a big change, Maureen now looks healthy. These two still breastfeed, and I have learnt to add Moringa leaves to my food. It helps me produce more milk.

Maureen now plays and is as active as her brother, you can’t imagine the joy I have when I see the two of them play together.’

~ Salome Anyango is the mother of twins Maureen and Denis. Salome struggled to breastfeed both babies leaving Maureen malnourished and often sick.

Help Plant Seeds That Reap Life

Help Plant Seeds That Reap Life

With your support we can grow our capacity to equip uniquely vulnerable families with the skills and experience to meet their own needs and improve their well-being through gardening.