Local Facilitator: Sarah Obonyo

Meet one of DIG’s stars and amazing Local Facilitators, Sarah Obonyo. 


Sarah amid one of her favorite crops, passion fruit

Sarah is the mother of 4 beautiful children and wife to a loving and supportive husband. She lives in Rongo in Western Kenya and has a passion for learning. While Sarah never finished secondary school she is incredibly intelligent and has proven to be a more than capable teacher and an irreplaceable member of the DIG team in Kenya.    Sarah started working for DIG last year after she proved herself to be an enthusiastic and capable student in one of our Farmer Field School’s 6 month trainings hosted at Lwala Community Alliance. After the training was completed, DIG interviewed Sarah to see if she would be interested and make a good trainer for new projects. She blew us away and we hired her on the spot. 

DIG Staff and Facilitators from Left: Tobias, Peres, Olivia (Program Coordinator), Vincent,
Otieno, Vidah Bita, Sarah, Sarah Koch (DIG Executive Director), Issaya

With a team of 6 other facilitators Sarah helps lead all of DIG’s extension projects in the Western Kenya region. Because Sarah was particularly gifted and interested in our permaculture schools projects, we continued to place her there. We soon made her the lead for all our schools projects in the aera, and have facilitated a series of continued education classes for Sarah through the Permaculture Research Institute of Kenya and the Kenya Forest Research Institute.   

Sarah carrying a whiteboard on the back of a “piki piki” or motorbike headed to Sumba Primary for her regular training

She has been the lead Facilitator for DIG’s program at Kuna Primary, Sumba Primary, and Tuk Jowi Primary and we hope to incorporate her into all future schools projects in the region.  Sarah is an incredibly talented volleyball player, makes the best mandazi and tea, and is a generous host to any visitor stopping by.    We love you Sarah!

Harvesting a few Kale leaves at Kuna Primary School
Sarah teaching the parent leaders at Sumba Primary about building swales
Sarah and her new calf, “Baby Bob” named after Bob Miller, DIG’s visiting photographer in May 2013

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