Supporter Spotlight

DIG is grateful to everyone who has given their time and financial support to help us meet our mission. After almost 6 years, Development in Gardening (DIG) continues to grow and thrive for two reasons: 1) the dedication to the project from the local DIG communities in Africa and 2) the amazing support from the DIG community in the United States.

We would like to honor a few of the many individuals from the US DIG community who have shared their unique talents and passions with our cause.

Cary Norton:

Not only is Cary a great guy with a quirky sense of humor, but he happens to be an amazing photographer.  Cary first volunteered with DIG in 2009 when he captured important storytelling photographs from our gardens in Uganda. You can see Cary’s beautiful work throughout our website and print materials. His photography of our gardens captures the beauty of the people we work with and the power DIG’s projects have to transform lives around the world.

Cary’s most recent onsite visit was last winter in Uganda and Kenya. In addition to the storytelling shots he caught, this trip’s primary goal was to photograph the steps involved in creating and maintaining DIG’s gardens. The images will be used in our Garden and Nutrition Manuals which was an initiative supported by Project Redwood. 

DIG is so grateful for Cary’s dedication to our organization. 

You can see more of Cary’s work on his website:

Karima Salmi:

Karima is a stellar cook who happens to also be a talented photographer. Karima has a fun and informational blog called Karima Cooks, which instructs you how to prepare healthy garden fresh produce in a visual step of the process. If you pick up your latest CSA and don’t know what to do with those collard greens, be sure to check her blog out.  

Karima was introduced to DIG last year by one of our board members, David Maddy. Since then, she has been photographing featured recipes for DIG’s Nutrition Manual.  Karima has gone way beyond our expectations by adding some of DIG’s recipes to her weekly postings.  Her photographs are beautifully vivid and thanks to all of Karima’s hard work, the manual is almost finished!Thank you Karima for using your talents and interests to help us finish our Nutrition Manual and promote DIG’s work around the world!

You can visit the Karima Cooks Blog here:

Kelly Fisher:

On a normal work day, you’ll find Kelly reporting on all the celebrity gossip happening around Hollywood. She has been in magazine editing and design since she graduated college and has a real talent for making things look good on a page. Kelly, who has volunteered at DIG’s New York Fundraisers, has taken her commitment to the organization to a new level by working several hours a week for the past 9 months to help us construct our Garden and Nutrition Manuals.  

Page by page, Kelly has organized how the information in the manual should be arranged so it can be best understood with limited reading skills and language difference. These manuals are an important piece of DIG’s growth and vision and we could not have been more grateful or pleased with Kelly’s personal contributions to it. Thank you Kelly!

David Touster:

David was first introduced to DIG by a friend at an LA fundraiser in 2009. He was initially moved to learn more and over time David has worked his way into a very deep relationship with the organization.  He has built up an army of supporters in LA and tirelessly promotes our work and vision everywhere he goes.

In 2011, David hosted a ‘Cultivation’ Event to bring new supporters in the LA community to DIG’s attention. Last summer, David took his passion over to Zambia and got dirty with DIG in the field, and was just recently offered a position on DIG’s Board of Directors. We are excited to have him grow deeper in his service to the communities DIG touches in Africa. 

These individuals, and so many others, make it possible for this grassroots organization to do so much. We hope to continually feature volunteers both in the US and abroad who have found their unique way to bring about well nourished lives around the world.