Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture at Hospitals

By establishing nutritional gardens at hospitals and clinics DIG is able to institutionally address food insecurity and nutrition for the hospital’s most vulnerable clients. At the same time, the gardens are able to boost the hospitals’ reputation within the community and  their capability to provide wrap-around services to their clients.

DIG’s 2018 return to Senegal was made possible through a partnership with Rise Against Hunger, the University of Washington Senegal Research Collaboration and the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Fann. The goal of the program, titled Leveraging Agriculture to Unite Communities and Hospitals (LAUNCH), is to provide critical sustainable nutrition services for young mothers, people living with HIV, undernourished under 5-year-olds and other vulnerable groups through nutrition-sensitive agriculture as well as improving the use of essential health services in the Casamance Region.

DIG has rolled-out our core program model by first developing facility demonstration gardens at health clinics then moving deeper into the community through farming demonstration programs and home garden support.


“Our clinic has transformed from a place where people would only come when they were seriously ill to a center where people come to learn about nutrition and gardening. Now they dance, greet their friends, and buy fresh produce.”

~Barros Aminata, Clinic Staff Kande 1 Health Clinic

Plant Seeds That Reap Life

Plant Seeds That Reap Life

Your support will grow our capacity to equip uniquely marginalized families with the skills and experience to meet their own needs and improve their well-being through climate smart, nutrient-dense gardening. Help us plant the seeds. Consider a contribution today.