TCP Global’s Farmer MicroCredit Program

In partnership with TCP Global, DIG is distributing micro loans to underserved farmers who live in remote communities who are otherwise unable to access such opportunities on their own. The TCP Global model, which was developed by returned Peace Corps Volunteers, invites existing grassroots organizations to run loan programs in their respective communities.

The program provides DIG graduates with low interest loans to strengthen their small-scale agri-business.


“I am so grateful I was considered for the DIG TCP- Micro credit program after I completed the field school training and needed to start farming as a business. My first loan was Ksh. 5000 ($50). While it may seem tiny, it became a game changer to me and my family.  Farmers like me here in the rural setting hardly get loans from formal lending institutions. DIG, through partnership with TCP Global, has offered us an opportunity to grow. 

The loan is easier, faster and friendlier compared to other loans.   It comes through my phone and I repay it through my phone, I only need a fellow farmer to guarantee me. 

DIG is like a friend who gives me a boost when I need it most. The loan I received from DIG helped me expand my farming business. I bought enough cilantro seeds to grow a bigger garden, and maximize my profits.  I now sell to a supermarket, one of the biggest hotels in town, and to my local market. I make on average Ksh 16,000 ($160) profit per month from the sale of my cilantro.

I opened a bank account and save about Ksh. 2000 ($20) per month for school fees and future emergencies.

Additionally I registered my family under the National Hospital  Insurance fund (NHIF) so we can access medical care in government accredited health facilities. 

I plan to install an irrigation system in my cilantro farm with my next loan. Thanks to the partnership between DIG and TCP Global’.”

~ George, DIG graduate 

Plant Seeds That Reap Life

Plant Seeds That Reap Life

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