Farmer Field Schools

Every year, 8000+ people reap benefits from DIG’s Farmer Field School program.

Rooted in the practices and philosophies of regenerative agriculture, DIG’s Farmer Field School has been adapted for countless landscapes, individual vulnerabilities, markets, and social dynamics. Today it is represented across the steep mountainsides of Southwestern Uganda, through the dusty urban streets of Southern Senegal, and amidst the rolling hills of Western Kenya.

Each Farmer Field School is designed with and for a group of people on the margins of society.

The Farmer Field School program focuses on supporting groups like people living with HIV, the elderly, people living with disabilities, women who have experienced gender-based violence, young mothers, and many others whose needs are not being addressed by other development organizations.

Centering the program on the farmers first, our team of local facilitators are able to co-design solutions and adapt the program design to meet the community’s wants and needs. Facilitators build critical trust with the community by hosting weekly hands-on trainings at a demonstration site accessible to all group members. At the demonstration site, the group works alongside the DIG facilitator to practice regenerative agriculture techniques, which farmers also apply at home.

The Farmer Field School model also opens opportunities for deep psycho-social support amongst the group members themselves, many of whom choose to continue growing together long after graduating from the DIG program.

Help Plant Seeds That Reap Life

Help Plant Seeds That Reap Life

With your support we can grow our capacity to equip uniquely vulnerable families with the skills and experience to meet their own needs and improve their well-being through gardening.