DIG Farmer Profile: Elaine Dabiré

Eliane Dabiré, 28, is a member of the AMES HIV Support Group in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.  DIG’s Local Facilitator, Salam Sawadogo, chatted with her a few weeks ago about her life and DIG.   

HIV Status: I was sick for a long time and finally decided to visit the doctor when I began to have sores all over my body.  He advised me to the see the president of the AMES HIV Support Group as well as take an HIV test.  The results came back HIV positive, at first it was not easy for me but with the support of AMES and other people living with HIV, I have overcame all of the fears and worries.    

This was 6 years ago and I have been a member of AMES ever since.  

Family: I am single without children and live with my mother in the same house.  My mother and I live by the financial support of my brothers and also make a little bit of money selling boiled peanuts and washing other peoples clothes.   My mom and I often take care of my brothers’ children as well.

Working with DIG: Since I knew AMES and always participate in the activities they organize, when DIG came, I got involved immediately in the project.  I am in the AMES/DIG Garden twice a week working and learning.    I have really benefited from DIG.  Right before you came for this interview, I harvested eggplant, which I am now preparing.  I harvest from my own home garden once a week and cook with it.  Basil is harvested everyday because my mother and I love it in our tea.     I also really enjoyed the social aspect of gathering with group members and working together, plus I never gardened before nor had a home garden.   I would like to thank DIG and their supporters for this project.  My family and I have saved so much money from harvesting vegetables at home and not buying them at the market, plus it is just fun!