A few words from Ann’s volunteer trip.

I have never met so many people who were truly present, not distracted by the rush of life as we so often are in cities.  I felt completely at home, every day, everywhere, even in the slums and in strange towns along the roads.  Perhaps that was because Nasur, our driver, was the kindest human being imaginable, and completely dedicated to taking care of us in his world; perhaps it was because our group was so compatible and so forgiving of idiosyncracies in our ranks; perhaps it was because people in shops and on the street and in the orphanages and at the schools were all so willing to take us as we were, and to hug and smile and laugh with us as we learned about their lives and their foods and their work and their ideas for the future.     

And whether we spoke the same language or simply understood that we were on this earth together, we had fun.  I never felt discouraged, even when I saw what was surely great poverty.  I saw only willingness to work, and determination to live fully today and to keep on trying to do well for oneself and for others, no matter what might be coming tomorrow.  It was a very great lesson for me. 

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