Promote a Personal Match

If you intend to donate personally to this campaign, please consider positioning some or all of your gift as a personal match.

For example, if you plan to give $500 and your goal is to raise $2,000, consider saying you will match the first $500 raised towards your goal.

Below, find sample language and a gallery of images for sharing with your networks.

Sample Personal Email:

Dear Friends and Family,

{create a personalized greeting}

I wanted to share with you an opportunity to get involved with an organization I have been personally supporting for many years, Development in Gardening (DIG).

DIG focuses on developing regenerative gardens to improve the nutrition and livelihoods of some of the world’s most uniquely vulnerable people. Everything they do is rooted in food and community, and I believe it’s more important than ever to support organizations committed to restoring the health of our bodies, communities, and the planet.

Here’s a 2 min video to help capture the essence of their work.

On Sunday October 23rd, DIG is live-streaming their global Cocktails and Castoffs AT HOME event. I’m hosting a virtual fundraising table to support their work and would love for you to join me. Here’s a link to my “table” {insert fundraising page link}.

As my guest, there is no fee to attend, but if you’d like to support my fundraising efforts, I am matching the first {$$$} raised towards my goal of {$$$$}.  What’s even more exciting is that once I raise $1,000 towards my personal campaign, an anonymous DIG supporter will give an extra match dollar for dollar! 

Every little bit counts!

An extra special element of this event is that anyone who donates $500 or more before Oct. 10th will receive an invitation to DIG’s VIP pre-party and a Sweet Harvest Party Box delivered to them the mail. Boxes are filled with cocktails, party snacks, recipes and more, all of which have been specially designed for DIG by celebrated chefs.  You can read more about the boxes and the participating chefs on DIG’s event page here.

So there you have it.  Donate today to get your gift matched. Join me on Oct. 2h3rdfor a special evening rooted in joy and community, and consider giving $500 or more before Oct 10th to experience all the flavors the event has to offer. Trust me, Tiffanie’s cocktails are not to be missed! 

Thank you for considering this ask. I’m happy to share more with you about DIG or this event anytime,

{your name}

Sample Social Media Posts:

  1. I’m matching gifts up to $$$ for DIG. Support my table and help me plant seeds that #reaplife  #cocktailsandcastoffs @reaplifeDIG {Link to personal campaign}
  2. It’s #cocktailsandcastoffs for @reaplifeDIG and I’m hosting a virtual table. Please consider supporting and I’ll match your gift up to $$$. Whats even more exciting is an anonymous donor has offered to match the first $1k I raise. Help me reach my table goal, donate here {Link to personal campaign}

Below are images you can share on social media, in emails and texts. Be sure to include the link to your table.

Above are a few pre-designed images you can use.  Click on the first one, scroll through them all and if you find one you want to use, right mouse click and select Save Image As.  From the next screen, give it a different name if you want and select a location to save the file, like your Desktop.

Reach out to if you would like a more personalized image.

Help Plant Seeds That Reap Life

Help Plant Seeds That Reap Life

With your support we can grow our capacity to equip uniquely vulnerable families with the skills and experience to meet their own needs and improve their well-being through gardening.