KCDMS: Bolstering Childhood Nutrition

In collaboration with Kenya Crops and Dairy Market Systems (KCDMS), USAID and Feed The Future, DIG’s Nutrition Education Program aims to improve household access to diverse, safe and nutritious foods through increased household income and women’s empowerment.

It also aims to increase the consumption of diverse, safe and nutritious foods among women of reproductive age and children 6-23 months.

Additionally, the program works to extend the value of foods grown in the gardens by innovating around processing, storage and preservation of food to retain nutritional value, shelf life and food safety. This works to reduce seasonal shortages and post-harvest losses.


Our solar drier can dry 8 kilos of fresh vegetables a day. The drier retains the vegetable colors, and has helped us reduce post harvest losses due especially due to the new challenges on marketing agricultural produce in the time of COVID- 19.  pandemic such as closure of schools
which would have been our market’, said Dorcas.

Help Plant Seeds That Reap Life

Help Plant Seeds That Reap Life

With your support we can grow our capacity to equip uniquely vulnerable families with the skills and experience to meet their own needs and improve their well-being through gardening.