Host a Watch Party

This year we are encouraging Table Hosts to bring Cocktails & Castoffs AT HOME to life by gathering safely with friends and family to view the live event together.

Gathering can take on many forms and we want to support you in the one that feel right for you. Below, you will find ideas and details to support you in hosting your own Cocktails & Castoffs AT HOME viewing party.

In-Person Gatherings

For those who are comfortable gathering in-person, we encourage you to leverage the recipes and offerings shared in your Sweet Harvest Box. This year’s Box comes with a Cocktails & Castoffs AT HOME menu guide to help you expand your table spread to fit a gathering of any size.

Make sure to test projecting DIG’s GiveLively page in advance to work out any kinks.

Virtual Watch Parties

(a little extra effort to set-up, but worth it!)

This is a great option for those who can’t gather in person but still want to watch the event together. Mix your cocktails, set your separate tables, then sit down to toast the event together.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Using Zoom:

This platform is fun if you want to be able to chat with guests while watching the event together.

Let your guests know they can text “DIG” to 44-321 to make donations during the event and put the link to your personal fundraising table in the zoom chat.
  • One person (preferably the Table Host) will need a PAID Zoom account and should pre-schedule the meeting. (*note the free zoom account is limited to a 40 min connection so you will not be able to watch the full event). If you don’t have a Paid account consider asking who among your guests might be willing to host.
  • We recommend starting your Zoom gathering least 15 minutes before the main event, so that’s 6:45 EST/ 3:45 PST.
  • Share the link to your personal zoom room with your guests with plenty of time for them to get organized. (We recommend an emailed invitation with details on your zoom watch-party, along with DIG’s event viewing guide).
  • Click the green “Share Screen” button on the bottom of the Zoom window. A popup will let you select which application you want to share. Select the browser window that has the Give Lively page in it.
  • Before you click Share, look for two checkboxes down at the lower left corner of the sharing options tab. They’re options to “Share computer sound” and “Optimize screen sharing for video clip.” Make sure both boxes are checked.
  • Now click “Share.” If needed, the host can adjust the volume on the video player itself to make it easier to hear the other participants.

Zoom does have some drawbacks. The video quality might not be as good as the live feed, and there may be some lag time if you have a slow internet connection. Also, you will need that paid account so your zoom room doesn’t close before the event does.

Help Plant Seeds That Reap Life

Help Plant Seeds That Reap Life

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