Focused on Tomorrow’s Future

A 27 year old Salome Anyango rejoiced when she gave birth to twins on Dec 13th, 2016. Denis, a boy, and Maureen, a girl, are now 2 years and 2 months old. At the time of their birth, she felt blessed with two at once but knew life would be busier than expected as she added the twins alongside her other four children. Salome struggled to supply enough breastmilk to meet both babies needs, and while the twins provided twice as many smiles, they also needed twice the support.

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Embracing Communities with Disabilities in Uganda

Levi Byamukama has a vibrant social energy. He greets everyone with a smile and moves through life with joyful curiosity. One day, after seeing a group of Batwa DIG farmers gathered in the fields, Levi moved closer to see what was happening. He ended up staying through an entire DIG training and returned the weeks following. After a while, the group elected he join them and Levi became an official DIG farmer.

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