2016 Volunteers and Visitors

There is so much we would not be able to accomplish without the support of generous people willing to step up to ensure DIG’s work moves forward and thrives. We are excited to be working with a vibrant community of volunteers, interns, and visitors in 2016. Take a look at a few of individuals giving of their time and talents this year alone.

San Diego Event Hosts:

  • Marisa Schumacher
  • Kyle Poyser
  • Paul Davis
  • Big Mike Phillips
  • Eric Martell
  • David Perkins
  • David Maddy
  • Troy Inman

Denver Event  Hosts:

  • Mark Colvin
  • Greg Bogdan
  • Joe McCullough
  • Sara Nagel
  • Tilden Nordholm
  • Tony Vigil

Kenya Visitors:

  • Stephanie Bell
  • Joe McCullough
  • Edye McCullough
  • Steve Kruper
  • Jack Shall
  • Dianne Smith
  • Rebecca Davis

Field Interns/Fellows:

  • Gloria Oweta
  • Chris Vincent
  • Sara Litke
  • Samantha Wasala
  • Michael Wallace

Administrative Support

  • Paige Kelly
  • Tony Howard & Microtribe
  • Brad Koch
  • Mike & Stephanie Kaplan
CATEGORIES Adventure Trips